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A fan-made army book for Nippon for use in Warhammer. For the latest updates, visit Warhammer Armies: Nippon - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Fan-created Armybook for Nippon (Samurai), to be used in. Warhammer - - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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A comprehensive update of the Nippon Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army for 8th Edition rules. Nippon Army Book Cover - PDF download. This Nippon army is completely unofficial and is not endorsed by Games Workshop. view online or download by clicking the army book cover. Nippon has now been updated to 8th edition. Very minor rules changes to bring the book in line with the current rules. New units included.

Games Workshop set up fan games to decide how the story was set to go, which were meant to enforce the status quo by both sides winning and losing equally To try and keep up the narrative and let Chaos gain some ground GW decided to write their own version where Archaon somehow managed to appear outside the gates of Middenheim despite having not been able to break out of his starting area while the Tomb Kings apparently just screwed off back to Nehekhara. Even THIS battle he lost. Rather than have the Empire triumph over the Warriors of Chaos, GW wrote a story in which a single Orc warboss sneak attacked Archaon with a headbutt to the dick and thereby defeated the entire chaos army. Setting the stage[ edit ] For End Times GW selected more characters as movers and shakers while in Storm each faction was more or less represented only by a few characters some like the High Elf leader Sea Lord Aislinn just being an excuse to get the army into the event and every faction was fully involved in at least one book ALMOST down to the last named character many most nearly ALL of whom die. Major characters were killed constantly some people believe George R. Martin to be the new writer for GW the way most characters die, but we're not sure if GW is Awesome to do something like that , others resurrected or brought back into modern fluff for the event. Butthurt and excitement was known throughout the land at each reveal. On the chopping block was every special character from 8th edition who did not have a model and even some who did right up until the finale where rocks fell and everyone died. Asuryan, Isha, Kurnous, Lileath, Khaine, and others those being the only confirmed ones escaped the destruction of the last world, and in their own ways sought to protect this one. Where the Old Ones fit into the whole thing is unknown, as are deities like Morr and Shallya. After the death of literally every other Elf god a few by her design , Lileath sets her plan in motion to create the next world by sending her favorite mortal and lover Araloth to become the new Asuryan as well as their children to be the rest of the pantheon as well as Eldyra who may or may not be an Elf Vampire now who begins by establishing a proper Elf afterlife with souls of Elves from this universe to keep the next world safe from Slaanesh to a degree we NOT Eldar , and sent all the Bretonnians she showed favor on because-SURPRISE-Lileath is the Lady of the Lake to become the next human pantheon. She then shacks up with the former king of Bretonnia love CAN bloom, but only in the face of death and prepares to rip Slaanesh's throat out on the way down This world however may have been destroyed, as Lileath loses contact with it before the final battle of the old world.

Samurai can demand and have complete power and rights over all below anything from a heimin without recompense. The highest-ranking of the heimin are the peasants. Samurai are supposed to known as the Celestial Order — was revealed to the always treat each other with extreme respect and Nipponese by the Kami at the founding of the Empire.

In fact. They possible. Although they do not grow food. Slightly below the peasants are the artisans and craftsmen — carpenters. The samurai caste itself is. Only a striation within the buke as well. Even within the ranks of the bonge. The Kuge include the are responsibilities between the different castes of Emperor. This hierarchy — will be endured honourably.

Of course. Merchants are regarded with contempt by samurai. All other samurai belong to and administer. The rest of Nippon ignores the driven away. If the position of monks is peculiar. A ronin is technically still of the samurai caste. Such persons are regarded as less than nothing.

Whenever a hope under the rules of the Celestial Order is to fulfil samurai child is born. Even a clan as militaristic and pragmatic as known collectively as eta form the bulk of the hinin the Uruchi has all manner of rituals which its samurai caste.

This is order. Portents are also taken from the have a vital role. One month after birth. Nippon does not have anything resembling a true who must constantly inflict harm and touch blood and census. Some ronin ultimately must engage in manual labour to earn their keep. They are not samurai. To get around this problem. Most samurai treat monks with a certain deference.

Monks occupy a peculiar position within the social order. Priests a process called mi-ai by the parents of the couple. If the two families live far apart. Weddings themselves are very elaborate rituals. Samurai seek pairings which can better their wish. Usually the ceremony is held privately. Once the ceremony is done. The process of arranging a marriage or coming-of-age ceremony.

It is not expected for the When a student has mastered the first Technique of the couple to be in love. They do learn to read and write. A family which has Mi-ai traditionally begins with a formal interview served the clan as bushi for ten generations is liable to between the parents of the prospective bride and continue to do so. Fathers and mothers of noble lineage always bring their most gifted children to the Imperial Court.

The gempukku ritual and a mi-ai interview is not considered an immediate varies greatly from one clan. One of the most basic purposes of the Imperial Court is to bring people together in marriages that create alliances and cement bargains for the following year. Among truly high-ranking families it is not uncommon for children to be betrothed long before they reach adulthood. Once the begin training in one of his or her clan schools.

Warhammer Armies Project: Nippon updated to 8th edition

The wishes of the child professional matchmaker known as a nakado. In is quite rare for a samurai to be able to switch from one Nippon. Almost all friends. The bride traditionally wears white. The decision of which school a name.

A key Technique. This ritual is complete. Some prefer to keep their childhood three years earlier. After the ritual is complete and she emerges for the reception. Their role is to sustain funeral pyre. At the conclusion of this it has existed as an amorphous mix of nature worship. When a samurai reaches the age of forty. This is not mandatory. Jinto worship is centred on the reverence of the gods or kami. A samurai who does retire will most commonly and blessings.

While a god then kept in state with an honour guard until the day of may first call attention to its presence through a display the cremation itself. During Nippon's history deeds and bid him goodbye. The body is anointed and purified by eta. Not all retiring samurai join the monks. The immediate relatives the clan. Once the body has been burned. It is a religion of nature and spirituality and the belief however — some of them instead remain with their that human nature is inherently good.

Special foods are prepared on that of rowdy or even destructive behaviour. By Imperial Law. Evil spirits are also known to the dead.

High-ranking nobles and of honour for 35 days before finally being buried. These virtues are held to represent the proper him and shaming himself.

In practice. Some clans take Compassion more fully to heart. In modern Nippon. It is this form of Compassion which is most widely respected and revered in Nippon.

The central importance of courage to a such as the Sun Goddess Amateratsu for example. In a way Jinto is similar to the Old World religion in Courage that it consists of a pantheon of deities. They a useless and selfish gesture is not behaving quickly came to be accepted by all the clans in Nippon. Bushido values each of these virtues equally.

The true nature of Bushido is constantly debated within the courts of Nippon. But in truth there is no clan which eminent of the kami as well as the divine couple ignores courage. Bullying or abusing those of lower station is an act unworthy of a samurai. Compassion Compassion teaches samurai that.

All recognize that courage is Zanagi and Zanami who were said to have created important if their samurai are to fulfil their duties Nippon. Every clan. A samurai who throws his life away in Bushido literally. A samurai must highly unusual for anyone to take on a monotheistic be prepared to fight and die without hesitation.

There are hundreds. A true samurai remains way in which samurai should live and serve their lords. A samurai who shows undue Bushido is comprised of seven Virtues: Although some gods are more popular than others.

After all. In its most obvious form. Almost all those samurai who serve in the arena of court and politics practice the art of deceiving or manipulating their opponents while still remaining technically truthful.

Sincerity is regarded with particular admiration samurai. He must remain faithful to lord. A samurai who sometimes erratic observance of this one. Death is the least that Samurai are taught from childhood that they must a samurai may face — he must be prepared to endure express absolute sincerity in both word and deed.

A samurai behaviour is to make matters even worse. Duty If there is a Virtue which competes with Courage for universal acceptance. Most highly political schools and families quietly accept that sometimes they will simply have to lie for their clan.

Nipponese as a whole make a point of over himself. Honesty Honesty is in principle the simplest of the virtues of Bushido. A samurai must always be ready to serve his lord in whatever way is Sincerity required.

The most heavily corrupt and his superiors expect him to behave political clans place a special value on Courtesy. The openly insults others is showing his own weakness. Honesty is also strongly associated with justice. A samurai who violates loyalty to his lord or A samurai who shows a lack of dedication in his clan is violating Duty. A humiliation. Bushido is not merely ignoring those who engage in uncouth and improper enforced by social convention or superior authority.

By performing the ceremony and thus dying honourably. It the individual. The actual suicide is usually performed by samurai who cannot be manipulated. I must return it to them maintain self-discipline at all times. On other occasions. More extreme failures. The The ability to maintain this self-control. Samurai who are facing total battlefield defeat or deep and sincere apologies for such actions. The samurai kneels and makes who loses self-control.

Seppuku Seppuku is a form of ritual suicide which samurai perform when they have been irretrievably dishonoured. A samurai who commits such acts is quite likely to be ordered to commit seppuku if he does not offer seppuku himself out of shame.

A samurai may also forsake his fealty and become ronin by his own choice rather than face the prospect of punishment or seppuku.

In worse. It is important to remember that the main In Nippon a family is the repository of is intrinsic to the belief that samurai are exceptional all the collective deeds and accomplishments of its persons. Since this is Face is a purely samurai concept.

The Concept of Face purpose of seppuku is to protect the family. By contrast. Although such punishments are not lethal. A samurai is expected to my name from my ancestors. More normally. Courtiers must pursue their Aside from acting to preserve family honour.

Given the chance. This form of protesting seppuku is catastrophic as a lost war. The higher. Politics has been a vital Imperial Court. In Nippon. Every daimyo and governor this act. This is generally reserved for women who are courtier or shugenja. The most Land of the Rising Sun. But in the negotiations which take place there. Seasoned bushi who get re- permitted to kill themselves in a less painful fashion. Many courtiers spend a lifetime trying to win Duels are considered the missives to each other.

Within the courts themselves. For many or slander is left unanswered. More commonly. A minor daimyo who insults or ignores a courtier without legitimate cause could well be forced to commit seppuku for his breach of etiquette. This continual flow of correspondence within a of great magnitude.

Much of the truly important and crucial negotiation at court takes place in private meetings. Backing down. The heaviest political activity takes place during the winter. Nor is anyone so uncouth as to openly discuss alliances or treaties in open court. A good courtier can maintain a appropriate and socially acceptable response for any steady flow of correspondence with dozens of people situation where a samurai feels that honour or from across the Empire.

Samurai are not alike employ letters as their weapon of choice. Clans trust their courtiers to handle delicate situations. When a samurai is insulted or maligned. When the insult is serious. Trained diplomats employ hints and subtle conversational gambits to suggest a possible topic of discussion. Political agreements in Nippon are seldom expressed as written treaties. During periods If he is challenged.

Magistrates also have the power to or beautiful location at some noteworthy time. This is not to say that a duel cannot after acceptance — sometimes as much as a year. Minor wars challenged to a duel. The losing party is expected to share the fate of their native Nipponese pony is not hardy enough to support champion.

Regardless of whether it is to first blood or to the Once a challenge has been issued and accepted. In theory. Once the duel is resolved. Unauthorized duels never more than that — but delaying a duel in this are a regular feature of Nipponese life.

When passions are high. This has even engagement. The fact that they are confined to sealed off foreign quarters in the capital of Hyudo also possess problems as many days can go by without any meetings with Nipponese officials and what is more is that the translators present at all of the meetings are Marienburgoise Clerics of Haendryk. Most foreigners are confined to sealed off areas in whichever city they are occupying and dealings with them is often conducted by lower class characters.

The Empire There have been very few dealings with the Empire and few Imperial merchant ships have ever made the long and arduous journey to the Far East. Emperor Karl-Franz therefore sent a diplomatic mission to Nippon in order to cement some kind of an alliance or treaty.

The perhaps. When armies go into battle. They do not want to be barred from the riches of the Far East as they are from Lustria. Other Nipponese armies people to the cult of Sigmar both in and outside the developed some degree of anti-cavalry training and city. When Shogun Yoritomo Ieyasu rose to power. As these incidences are very embarrassing both sides have conveniently chosen to brush them under the carpet. With dozens of Nipponese Sigmarites created own. They usually deploy in rectangular blocks.

Unfortunately progress has been painfully slow as they try to get to grips with Nippon customs. It is rumoured that they are economical with the truth when relaying back to the Nipponese what the Thus. King Finubar is not too bothered priests testifies along with the fishermen who often about Nippon and sees the Kingdoms of Ind and moor their boats on the island.

Although they are. While he was opposed to the Black Ark was destroyed therefore preventing a it at first Yoritomo has grown used to the arrangement. The Marienburgers were given the island when they first came to Nippon to keep their The Phoenix King. Fortunately for people to leave his island.

Most chose to go back to Ulthuan foothold on Nippon. Small communities lived to a daimyo's daughter Lady Katsi Okumoto. The High Elves are welcome in Nippon complete with its own set of quays so that ships can although they are often feared. Tower of Stars. It was Marienburg who introduced Nippon pre-Incursions of Chaos. In truth. Tor Elasor and the Tower of ears there. To this day that is where off the port city called Dejim.

The Marienburgers. Nippon itself has a little east of Nippon.

The tiny island is they remain. It is not on in some of the cities but over the subsequent years presumptuous to say that Marienburg has a firm they gradually left. Cathay as more valuable. Nippon came into being when the east. The pair then descended and raised the spear as the centre pole The Jinto priests took these events as proof of of their house. The Yamyakyuki or die. When Yamyakyuki emerged from The Ryatso Katana.

Warhammer Armies: Nippon

Nippon at full twelve years to achieve. He and guide its people through her palace in the sky. The story goes that on more than one occasion his By -1 I. This wondrous magical mount stayed with him The drops of water that fell from the spear tip gathered until the day he died. History of Nippon Like many peoples. Emperor Yamayakyuki was the agent conquered all of Nippon.

These were the warlords of the claimed the right to rule because they were descended Ichymoni and Koijo clans respectively. Before his twentieth year he the first day of the coronation Yamyakyuki entered the cave in Mount Fuji.

The defeated armies were this time was composed of many clans. But at a coronation feast at Mount Fuji where Yamyakyuki already as a young man Yamyakyuki proved himself a was proclaimed the First Emperor of all Nippon. Nippon had been created. On man second to none. Yamyakyuki ruled Usaki. The Emperors continued to reign. The individual provinces remained under the Nippon was governed. Many peasants and lesser landholders were only too Yamyakyuki retained a firm and just rule of Nippon happy to hand over their property to these estates to until his death in I.

Land ownership started shifting to as their liege lord. The central government became rule of the local clans who had accepted Yamyakyuki corrupt and weak. Nippon had dissolved into feuding chiefdoms lead by ambitious clan leaders. The strongest Daimyo. Others seeking tax knights it was possible to win promotion to the ranks of evasion became vassals of these governors and thus the samurai.

Like the knights of the Old World. At the same time. Like the liberation of their personal lands. His oldest son. In the case of the samurai. And like the knights. Cathay had already advanced to a back from the day-to-day business of ruling a country.

Yamyakyuki III. As the Emperors retired from writing. The nobles who held government offices each of the nine region rulers. The Daimyo saw the At around the same time. The Mirumoto supported the cousin and the because he could not violate his duty to the Emperor. This time. He was The Mirumoto and Hotomo were now in open war with caught and murdered in his bath.

The samurai came to serve and executed for their defiance by order of the would-be protect the great lords. Although the war seemed to go well when the current Emperor was found poisoned without initially for the Mirumoto. Among these clans of aristocratic This victory allowed helped the Hotomo clan to rise samurai were the Mirumoto in the east and the Hotomo rapidly to power in the Imperial Court. That meant that without mercy. The Hotomo attacked the Mirumoto would take the trone.

Hotomo the uncle. Hotomo Kiyomori samurai were defeated. This led to heavy arguments of whom them. The Mirumoto.

At the Battle of Hogo. Yoshimoto did this. No longer content to declared himself Emperor. Among these were the old landlords. Imperial relative banished from Court to seek his fortune elsewhere. They won a series of brilliant victories. The many centuries. Hotomo Kiyomori was seemingly unassailable. The Mirumoto clan would hold Nippon in an iron grip for many centuries to come.

Warhammer - Nippon.pdf

The old Imperial Court was ignored and survivors had become strong enough to challenge him became largely irrelevant to the running of the country. The Hung set their eyes Mirumoto army at the battle of Mount Fuji. The of warships and headed into the straits north of Usaki. After running Hotomo were initially successful again.

Once again. With all her might. Mirumoto Nobunaga did show of courage. Mirumoto Nobunaga. She took not bother with any of the political manoeuvring at the Imperial Ship with her closest bodyguard to protect Court that the Hotomo had used. Only a dozen ships and the symbol of Hotomo and Imperial legitimacy.

The However. Both the Hotomo and Mirumoto clans aboard fleets control. The Empress Jungi. Shogun of the time. What happened at the Battle of Sano-Iru was virtually a land battle fought from ship to ship. Emperor Ontaku. Stunned by this expected His military victory secured. He had mere symbol. Wanting to conquer all the kingdoms of the east. With the Shogun gone. His power was based her. The Imperial War would last for another five years. He was still very young fleet to meet the Hung head on.

Nobunaga took the title and office of beaten his samurai rivals and was now the most Shogun. Nippon at this time was still strong under Mirumoto Iru. They began disappeared some ten years later and the throne was to mutate and became things much less than human. From their Castle of Decay in Haikido. In With the Ujimasa puppets now seen as the rightful Emperors.

When she mysteriously warp dust blew into the towns and villages. The clans. Daigo did not possess the same level of with many of the people turning to the worship of the leadership qualities as his mother.

Nippon for T9A

Over years as Daigo and his heirs fought against the Ujimasa two thirds of the Hung fleet was destroyed in one and their Emperors. Empress Jungi would be the first ruler in the period that would be known as the Imperial Restoration. They drove Emperor from west that bore the worst brunt of it. The Ujimasa were the first to take advantage of this. Nippon was art and literary works. A terrible fate Imperial administrative system and did away with the began to afflict the people of Haikido as the clouds of Shogunate.

For millennia.

The other clans rallied behind her The Ujimasa shoguns were never able to control these and proclaimed her the true ruler of Nippon. Though it was the Old World in the weak Emperor of murder. The Ujimasa the Nipponese armies against the parts of the Hung period was one of great refinement of manners. The Nipponese saw this as a sign from the Kami and fought with renewed Given the level of skill that Nipponese swordsmiths vigour as they finally destroyed the followers of Chaos.

Learning to use a rumble as great cracks opened up directly underneath handgun takes days. The of fire on the battlefield. But just when the Chaos it had been spotted in the Old World. The surviving forces of Chaos retreated back north. Training as an forces were to gain the upper hand the ground began to archer takes years of dedicated work. On what would be known as the Fields of Death in Haikido.

It is said they still plot and plan to overthrow tactically effective manner. They certainly knew about Cathayan Samurai would battle the largest Chaos incursion ever artillery. It was a brutal battle as Chaos Nipponese warfare.

Within seconds the column of soldiers in every army ready and waiting for an was swallowed by a great earthquake. The guns that the Warrior fought Samurai in bitter combats. The handgun had a slow rate wizards had come across the seas from the West.

Nippon once more. The Ashigaru were a pool the main Chaos column. Shogun Ujimasa Horotome and his the samurai. For the first Marienburgers brought to Nippon were handguns or time the Nipponese were to experience the horror of matchlocks.

They were light enough to be used by one magic cast by the Chaos Sorcerers. City after city was taken aback by the Cathayans. When news of this defeat reached the rest of the Nipponese forces. This sudden attack was a large surprise for the This defeat was the greatest in Nipponese history. Now was the perfect time to strike. Shogun Ujimasa Hideyoshi became Shogun against them and conquering more and more cities on after killing his predecessor in a duel.

As the Nipponese forces tried to Chaos. The Cathayans became more and ruthless man. The war was lost. As the Nipponese cavalry He constructed a huge fleet of thousands of ships charged into the Cathayan army.

In an effort to once again rally Nippon in Nipponese on the field of battle. Hideyoshi was a the eastern coast. The Nipponese would prove to be and the Shogunate. Over troops was sent across the could barely be seen for all the arrows that covered it. Certain that the Ujimasa were too weak to foothold with Fu Chow as a base from where they lead Nippon after the defeat against Cathay. After a brilliant bit of trickery. Fiercely defending his home. A quick murder was as acceptable ceremonies than leading the country.

Ieyasu decided to attack. The battle lasted minutes rather than hours. The daimyo. In the Warring Clans period. The just as great a threat. Daimyo took the those small samurai families who had managed to gain opportunity to settle old scores and gain territory at the control of a province during the time of the Warring expense of their neighbours with mixed results. The central government had. Each of the great clans attempted to invade their neighbours.

It hardly came as as winning a battle. It was a The weak Shogun did nothing to prevent this. Nippon was a powder keg waiting to explode. During this time. The lesser advantage of the fact that the Horumi and Taneka were samurai families were quite free to dream of greater busy fighting each other. The Daimyo were free to wage as When the Batake marched towards Hyodo. It did not take long until the rest of the clans followed suit. That he managed this as quickly as he did is a tribute not only to his military skills.

When facing the Shinzei clan. The entire Ashiwara clan gathered to try and lift the siege. When the Taneka clan charged across a very waterlogged battlefield blasts of In As a result. Ieyasu was again counting the heads Taneka from reaching Hyodo.

Ieyasu and for the arquebus. Both armies were soaked through and crush the Mushagi who pulled back to consolidate their neither side could see the other because of dense fog. Ieyasu gathered his armies and prepared for the final Yoritomo Ieyasu entered Hyodo in November Troubles now multiplied for Ieyasu and he In the early part of the day.

He chose to of his defeated enemies. Ieyasu sat down to count almost heads taken from an enemy army of around soldiers. He was generous towards his enemies. While his forces won the day. Ieyasu organised his Yoritomo Ieyasu knew that he would be the undisputed best shooters into a single unit and placed them in three ruler of Nippon.

The Uruchi. The stage was now set for the confrontation between Ieyasu and the Daimatzu clan. The Ashiwara were defeated. Nippon is officially united.

He made steady progress. Ieyasu was more political and cunning. The courts Yoritomo Ieyasu. Ieyasu was faced with a simple choice: Having heard of this.

His of the Ujimasa clan. From this day on. The Uruchi The battle that followed was a triumph for Yoritomo immediately submitted afterwards. The battle was fought near Nagashige. Ieyasu on a stretch of open moors near the Ekawasaki River. Ieyasu was in a position to conquer the rest of Nippon.

During the time The temptation to march on Hyodo must have been of the Warring clans.. He left them in charge as they had been. The captured Uruchi Daimyo leave the castle and met the Taneka army in the snow challenged Ieyasu to a final personal duel. The Mirumoto defeats the descendant of Amateratsu and begins a large Hotomo in a great sea battle. Shinzei Clan. The Emperors are soon rulers in name only.

A more formal system of months and days also exists. Timeline of Nippon Time in Nippon is measured in several ways. Many coastal villages are raided and Samurai and Daimyo. They give The people of Nippon believe this to be the birth to many children who would be known cause of the Mizuchi. The Mirumoto and Hotomo clans fight in civil war.

Jinto becomes the in Usaki castle. Yoritomo Nobunaga becomes the Nippon. They supporting their own candidate for the strike a bargain with the predecessors to the Imperial thrones. For convenience though. Though the them against each other to free the town. The Mirumoto samurai are defeated. C The power of the Emperors is losing its hold.

The Samurai all succumb in 12 Emperor Yamayakyuki dies. They are ultimately unsuccessful instead. He people worship her as the Sun Goddess. The seasons are the most obvious division of time. Humans and animals begin century of merciless raids around the coast of to mutate into horrid Beastmen. The dead are raised manage to land. Start of year Hung raiders invade Nippon with thousands war between the two great Empires.

Each of the 74 Ronin set out to avenge the death and Great Clans of Nippon vies for power in a dishonour of their master. Some speak of a new attempt at summon Daemonic Oni into the mortal realm invading Cathay. Cathay blames cargo of the great "Black Ship" of Nippon and demands action to be taken. Great War Against Chaos. Yoritomo the assassin is never found. Ieyasu defeats the Urichi clan in a great battle. They are ruthlessly dispatched Animosity between the two nations by its many cannons and allied Imperial increases.

The rebels are slain to man using the He writes a treatise on war. They are mysteriously saved by what appear to be fox After 30 years of infighting. The Ujimasa Shogunate is severely weakened. There is no sign of a break-in. Samurai of Haikido are growing in power once more. The future of trade ensue. Nippon is united spirits erupting from the foliage. Nippon will be decided soon… They are eventually driven back after a great battle on Shogunate armies begin to muster for new the Fields of Death.

They are defeated by the many Shugenjas The time of Imperial Restoration and fall of residing in the Imperial Court who manage to the Mirumoto Shogunate. Supported by the dispel the evil magics. Toyotomi industrial development of Nippon are Samushi. Successful in there bloody civil war. The Great Clans start plotting for The Ujimasa takes control after a coup themselves on how to increase their against the Imperial Family and establish the influence.

Beastmen in Kamayama forest. Regardless if whether or not their heritage is true. The Uruchi are known for their aggressive behaviour. Uruchi Harumune quarrelled violently with his own father. Their foes learn this on the battlefield. That said. Opting for defence over offence. The clan steadily gained influence until recently. They are a mostly peaceful clan. They are famous for their Sumo Warriors. Ashiwara Kunichika. The Uruchi have often been at the forefront of many conflicts.

They respect only strength and bravery in battle. The Ashiwara generally have a good standing with the other clans. The Uruchi clan was founded by Uruchi Tomomune when he was given control of Okakama by the first Shogun Mirumoto Nobunaga at the end of the 12th Century. The way the Ashiwara see it.

Other clans consider the Uruchi rather barbaric in their ways and mostly stay away from them if possible. The Ashiwara diplomats are among the most prominent at the Imperial Court. Uruchi warriors have fierce and unforgiving natures. Some would perhaps consider them cowardly due to their non-warlike manners and dislike for close combat. They favour the no-dachi sword which they swing with reckless abandon. Beastmen and undead dwelling there.

The exception to this has been their ancient trade agreement with the Skaven. Takamura Shinkuro. Residing high up in the mountains. The Batake control the coast north of Tokaguchi. They used their ninjutsu to keep their independence. Ninjutsu remains a dark art. Some say the Batake castles protecting their borders the only reason the Uruchi clan has not tried to invade anyone during the past ten years. It is not surprising. Their fortresses are the steadiest in Nippon.

Despite the large amount of daemons. On the battlefield. They spend most of their time researching new technology. Though this might seem dishonourable. The tradition of independence. The Shinzei are generally distrusted by the other clans.

The Batake are considered rather haughty and arrogant by the other clans. They developed a school of martial arts. The Batake are the greatest builders in Nippon and produce better siege weapons than any other clan.

Nobunaga appointed his son. Failure to adhere to the bushido code is much more strongly looked down upon than by any other clan. Their samurai are among the most skilled in Nippon. The clan can trace its ancestry back to Mirumoto Nobunaga. To the Daimatzu.

Originally retainers of the Hita clan. The Mushagi are rightly respected for their skills as inspiring battlefield commanders of Ashigaru. Mushagi Nobuhide commands a clan with a formidable reputation. The best swords in Nippon are made by Daimatzu sword smiths. Thanks to a well- organised army and administration. Other clans usually respect the Daimatzu for their dedication to the way of the sword.

The Daimatzu considers themselves the most honourable of the clans. The Mushagi are looked favourably upon by the common people. They have a strong dislike for trade outside Nippon. The young man took the name of Daimatzu in Sumata province. While the other clans have no official qualms about the Horumi. The Taneka take great pride in their horses.

Their faith is reflected in their magic as well. He was an adherent follower the war god. No other clan can match them in speed and ferocity. To the Horumi. Despite this religious solidarity. They have however. Hardly surprising though. His help included adopting the name of Horumi.

The current Horumi leaders were originally the Nagado clan. The Taneka Clans reside on the many fertile plains of the region. Weakened by a war with the Mushagi. It is hardly surprising then. Clan infighting. It starts with the History of Nippon, from it's founding, the rise of the Samurai, it's various wars including the Hobgoblin invasion, Chaos Incursions, Cathay conflict and internal strife through to the arrival of gunpowder and the present day.

The detailed and varied history should provide you with just cause for fielding the army in games against several other Warhammer races. Following the history, which concludes with the customary timeline, the book moves onto Culture and Customs.

The clans should provide you with a bit of inspiration for customising your army and the lands section should be useful if you want to create some themed terrain and scenery and maybe for basing your miniatures.

In fact, if you're a keen modeler and scenery designer, the very distinctive buildings and structures should give you a great excuse for experimentation and having a bit of fun. The business end of the book always my favourite part is where the Bestiary begins. Nippon starts with the Army Special rules and there are 6 very imaginatively and appropriately thought out ideas.

Reading these special rules alone will give you a taste of how well designed the army is. So here goes Way of the Warrior - units with this rule must always accept challenges although they benefit from being able to re-roll failed psychology tests and ignore panic caused by units without the rule.

Kenjutsu - unsaved wounds on the enemy can immediately be followed up by an additional attack the extra attack does not benefit from the Kenjutsu rule Death Before Dishonour - if a unit with this rule breaks from combat it may perform seppuku, that is, the whole unit will commit suicide thus denying the enemy a pursuit or overrun move and preventing panic from spreading throughout the Nippon army.

I think they're pretty impressive. The fluff accompanying the rules make them sound absolutely perfect for a Nipponese army without having any detrimental impact on the "battlefield balance" of the army. I'm going to leave the review at that, I think I've given you enough reason to have a look at the book yourself so I'll just finish with a quick summary of my thoughts and the army selection list. Overall, I'll just say that while I haven't tried assembling any army lists my initial impressions are that the army benefits from I haven't delved into the magic, poisons or the clan system in any depth, I'll leave that to you folks.

The drawbacks, as with all human armies A quick Summary of the Nippon Army list A unique spell Lore, 10 magical artefacts, 8 clans and 9 poisons. Enjoy the book. Thanks for reading. BTW, please don't forget to leave some feedback in the forum.

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